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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today's letters

Rosemary Penwarden gives Don Elder and Solid Energy a jolly good stropping in the lead letter today and suggests that Elder should go, before he makes any more 'stupid decisions'. Pulling no punches there, Rosemary. She cites Solid Energy's $40.2 million loss during the past financial year as reason to jettison the Don and makes the observation that the briquette plant has fallen behind schedule and has passed its 'opening date'. There are other awkward issues for the plant as well, according to the 'network'.

A very interesting letter from Julie Newman and Bob Mackley describing Australia's unfortunate experiment with genetically-engineered crops, including and especially, pasture grasses. They describe the harm done to the Australian export market through their adoption of ge there and warn us not to 'let the GE industry take control of the debate and outcomes."

A very good and timely letter.


Shunda barunda said...

Well, I would say look out Southland, because the 'Don' was quoted in our local rag (when closing the Spring creek mine axing 370 jobs) that they will be focusing on open cast mining and lignite.

My town is (apparently) screwed, and Southland is in the sights!!

robertguyton said...

You are right on the button, Shunda. I heard the self-same statement today from the Mayor of Gore.