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Monday, September 3, 2012

Key forced to marry wife

Prime Minister John Key says he was forced to marry his wife, Bronagh, according to the article, in which he also contrasts his Jewish background with his wife's Catholic one.
Read the full article where Key defends the charge that he is "too gay", here, tabloid fans!


Armchair Critic said...

It's a poorly written sentence that your post is based on. The meaning is clear enough, he had to hold his wedding ceremony in a garden due to their disparate religious backgrounds.
If I were to look for evidence of the existence of god, and use the place where I thought I'd seen that evidence as a wedding venue, that place would be a garden. That sounds like a much nicer place to be married than in a church.

robertguyton said...

What you say is true, Armchair Critic. How can I ever become a tabloid-style writer if you expose my re-presenting techniques this way?
My garden is presently all arrayed in plum blossom, set off nicely with a pair of resident wood pigeons. The dogwoods are flowering madly and the pears leafing up a storm.

Shunda barunda said...

God loves gardens and gardeners, technically, that was all we were supposed to do, until 'that' incident......

Armchair Critic said...

I would have chosen a nectarine over an apple.

robertguyton said...

It wasn't an apple. Leave the apple in peace. He wasn't even in the garden. Unless the garden was in Turkestan.
Was it, Shunda?

Shunda barunda said...

As far as I know the tree was referred to as "the tree of knowledge", how that became the apple I have no idea.

If eating apples is sinful, I am afraid I am going to hell!

Remember Robert, eat from the tree of life, the knowledge tree leads to presumption and a whole lot of worse stuff!

I imagine the tree of life would be quite a site, kind of like a massive glowing Ginkgo without the stinky fruit.

Maybe it grew on the West Coast and was cut down for timber :)