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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comment on Key and Dotcom

I enjoy reading comments from people who have seen through the spin.
Here's one such.

27 September 2012 at 6:26 am

The Doctom scandal will be the end of Key. He obviously discussed the Dotcom takedown and, I assume promised to help, a long time ago. Who he promised – the US govt or Hollywood entities I dont know. He took care to make sure he would have NO involvement with Dotcom, so he could not be blamed for interfering.
His biggest mistake is he went too far. He made sure any electorate issues arising from Dotcom were referred to Simon Power. He obviously made sure no-one passed him any information about the raid. He said publically he had never heard of Dotcom before the raid. Unfortunately Key is head of the SIS and the GCSB. The SIS was also heavily involved in the planning for the raid. And they, as well as the police were going all out to cooperate with the US. Who told them to do that?
It is impossible to believe not one Minister or Official never mentioned Dotcom. it is impossible for someone who has said in the past his morning routine involves reading the Herald never saw ONE front page article about Dotcom over the years.
It is impossible that Keys electorate office would refer all Dotcom queries to another MP WITHOUT BEING ORDERED TO.
This is just another stuff up by those who think they are entitled to act without adhering to the rule of law.

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