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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Riots, batons and amnesia

Are there any of you out there, old enough to have been aware of the street protests and pitch occupations of the Springbok Tour that can't remember what your position on the tour was?
Any one at all?
Aside from John Key that is, who won't number himself among my readers for one, and can't recall, for another.


He says he can't remember.

I'm reminded of John Banks.
He forgets things too.
Helicopter rides.
Big cheques.

John and John, together in their affliction.


Suz said...

Born in '67 I remember it clearly...despite addling my brain in many ways ;-)

Shunda barunda said...

What's a Spwing bok?

robertguyton said...

Yet Key couldn't, Suz.
Curiouser and curiouser!

Suz said...

Repressed Memory Syndrome, perhaps?

robertguyton said...

It was a very dynamic environment.

Viv said...

I’m a few months younger than John Key and was at Uni during the Springbok tour. At Otago it was a huge issue, I guess it would have been the same in other places. Key was from Christchurch, did he go to university there? There must be people who knew him back then.

To claim to not remember what position he took on the tour is completely unbelievable and can only lead one to presume he was pro-tour. He might have had some credibility if he had claimed that he couldn’t make his mind up at the time and was a fence sitter.

I can remember a very loud pro tour Michael Laws at Otago.