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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is that Greek enough for you, Mr English?


Shunda barunda said...

What's a Gweek?

Pete George said...

Sorry to butt in here Robert, but I can't find another way of contacting you.

To keep it tenuously on topic, the super eligibility age was a major issue in Greece.

Will you support Bloggers Advancing Debate About Super Solutions? Fisrt we need to push for debate a widedebate, then we can argue over the details.

robertguyton said...

Similar to a Kwischin.

robertguyton said...

No problem, Pete.
What's the eventual outcome you are aiming for with your Super Debate?
Are you preparing the way for the Key Government to bend and bring in changes to Super, while at the same time saying, 'we did it because the people have spoken, and we listened'?

robertguyton said...

I left this comment at your place, Pete. I hope it clears everything up for you.

Key made it clear that asset sales were central to his 2011-2014 term. He was voted in. He has a mandate for the asset sales. A public referendum is NOT needed. So goes the argument of the Right.
Key made it clear that keeping superannuation is it is was central to his 2011-2014 term. He was voted in. He has a mandate to keep superannuation as it is. A blogger debate on superannuation is NOT needed. Surely, Pete, you agree with the logic.

Towack said...

A gweek Shunda is a gweenie who is also a geek