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Monday, June 4, 2012

Key's pleas


Towack said...

Yep - they are heading to ozzie because the money is better. The money is better simply because ozzie is plundering the earth of precious minerals - we all know there is no other reason.

What I dont understand is why the melon party keep pushing this when they are the ones so against mining. Now that is hypocrisy

robertguyton said...

I don't think you understand the meaning of the word 'hypocrisy', Towack.
You talk of 'plundering', yet imply that we should do just that - isn't that hypocrisy?
Perhaps I've got you wrong, and you oppose the plundering of New Zealands precious minerals?
Do you?

Towack said...

Where did I imply that?

I quite agree with mining, the stuff is there and we can use it, what I dont agree with is how some of it is extracted.

Go and answer my first point though RG - why do the Greens point to people moving to ozzie to work in the mining, or related industries, and yet not want the same to be done here?

You can't have your cake and eat it too ah.

robertguyton said...

Do the Greens 'point to people moving to ozzie to work in the mining', or do they 'point to people moving to ozzie'. There's a difference. people go to ozzie to find work other than mining, as you know. The Greens, I imagine, are despairing at the Govermnment's lack of vision, whereby they won't/can't entertain other, more sustainable developments that would provide opportunities for those people presently fleeing the country. Our wages are well behiong those of ozzie in most fields. Mining isn't the only opportunity we have. Russle talks of the Green Technology potential for our country. He's backed by many commentators. National just says, Mine!
The Greens, if you were attentive over the weekend,clarified their views on mining and made it clear they/we do not oppose mining entirely. Existing mines..exist...and the Greens don't sdeek to close them. Essential mining is ...essential. New coal mines are not essential, in fact they threaten the wellbeing of all of us.There are mining opportunities in New Zealand. Ligniote should not be one of them. It's incredibly irresponsible, in my view, to release green house gas on the scale that project will, into the atmosphere. Irresponsible industry, irresponsible Government, irresponsible shills for both.
How on earht, btw, can you not see that your use of the word 'plundering' for the mining in Australia, does not colour your support for mining in New Zealand? Are you claiming that their is plundering, but ours is not? Do tell!

robertguyton said...

With regard mining, Toawack,you say you have concerns about 'how some of it is extracted'. Good man. But you don't appear to have concerns about the effects on the climate from mining coal. Coial that is inevitably burned.
This lack of concern/engagement from you is, in my view, a serious omission.
Care to address that?