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Monday, June 4, 2012

Greens with guts

The Green Party is enjoying its AGM over the Queens Birthday weekend and flexing its muscles at the same time. Metiria Turei has given several National MPs the biff and served John Key up a plate-full of whup-ass as well:

"Mrs Turei directly attacked Mr Key for undermining the state school system despite previously speaking of the importance of his own public education at Burnside High School.

"I'm amazed that the Prime Minister could be so blatant in saying that his pathway out of poverty was education and then so clearly stripping away that pathway today.

"He has cut back on public schools. He has increased funding to private schools because he wants his kids to have better access to better education and small class sizes."

All strength to your arm, Ms Turei. Batter those hypocrites all around the park.

Meanwhile, the natty shills are getting nervous - We thought they were above that! - very amusing.

4 comments: said...

philu (12,549) Says:
June 4th, 2012 at 8:30 am
oh do unpurse yr lips there..k.s..’s called politics…

..and the attacks are about policies…and eyewatering-hypocrisy..

..and given the untrammeled abuse/sneers the greens have worn over the years..(from you too..?..)

..yr ‘sniff’…is only worthy of a snot-wipe…


Towack said...

was just looking at your photo of the green leaders, I thought one of them was supposed to be a woman.....

Suz said...

Says the man married to a toy truck!

robertguyton said...



Response of the Year!

If I could send you the prize, I would.
It's a Huge Round of Applause and a Massive Groundswell of Support.

Towack, your misogynist cheap-shot drew Suz's fire and you got roasted to a crisp.


Oh dear, oh dear.