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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wintering barns

Yesterday's tour of Southland's wintering facilities was an eye-opener - the scale, the scale! This shed in particular was gargantuan - 198 metres long (you can just see the figures of the Councillors in the distance). So huge is the 'barn' that it has to be swept by a looks-like-a-flattened-Dalek-robot, that hums up and down the isle, whisking uneaten cow-meal away. Our female Councillors were particularly interested in the cow-stalls. Both tried out the bedding for comfort and seemed keen to get in early with a booking. Our host patiently explained the niceties and presumably offered a reasonable price. The blokes, meanwhile, went outside to look at the technology. Anything that moved attracted our attention and if it had gears, all the better. Councillor Currie and I found ourselves in the poo, again. Rowley's waving, not drowning.

Concrete and steel as far as the eye can see.

Marion considers her stall while Ali settles into hers.

The Dalek Sweeper. About the size of a spa bath.

Over our heads in the brown stuff.


Anonymous said...

I made this comment under another post, as I followed another commenters reference to wintering barns. It was meant to go here. Apologies.

This set-up looks most impressive. I've not see one in NZ, but visited a state-of-the-art set-up in Scotland last year. All that I saw appeared good for animals, people, and farming. The animals all looked very contented. A critical exception is the concern for animals standing on hard surfaces for extended periods. That is very hard on joints, but not insurmountable, in fact easily resolved. That aside, I see these facilities as mostly advantageous, particularly in the South Island.

paulinem said...

On the positive side Robert the cow residue from this barn would be great in my lack of nutrient in it garden :)

robertguyton said...

Sounds like you need a house-cow, pauline.
Or Guinea pigs.

Anonymous said...

How do they exercise... Wander...Poor cows.