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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Larger class sizes... for some

"Maori immersion schools will be exempt from increases in class size announced in this year's Budget - a move critics have labelled unfair."

Goodness! Sounds like the clause that allows private schools to ignore the Government's requirement to implement national standards. Does this sound at all like favouritism to you? 


Suz said...

I'm confused...given this policy's touted as a panacea to all our educational woes, is this exemption surely not a disservice to Maori?

robertguyton said...

Good point, Suz. It's a con. Maori will be and should be, served well by a 'small class-size' rule. Why the rest of us can't enjoy the same, is a mystery that only the illogical, ideological National Party could answer, if they were truthful enough. In fact, they won't. Parata just bullshits over top of any reasoning.

Suz said...

I'm not really confused...attempting subtle sneering.

robertguyton said...

First you say you are confused, Suz. then you say you're not confused.

I'm confused :-)

(Is 'subtle sneering' anything like 'double-dipping'?)

Suz said...

Yes, it is...akin to "duplicitous dealings", just to continue the alliterative theme.

Don't knock the confused state...surely better than one set in immovable stone?

robertguyton said...

Like Excalibur?
We need an Arthur.