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Friday, May 11, 2012

Saturday's march

You've gotta have something in your hands when on a protest march, I reckon. A bull-horn perhaps, or a bundle of pamphlets to hand out along the way. I like to carry a message of some sort. For the mining march, I made a giant lump of coal to hold aloft, with the 'leave it in the ground' message tacked on to make it clear what I meant. For this Saturday's 'stop the asset sales' march in Invercargill (2 o'clock, starting from the Otepuni gardens), I'll be carrying this placard that I've just finished making. It's wordy, not pithy (pithy is something I aim for with my letters to the editor, so I thought I'd confuse my critics by going effusive this time), but might add to the debate and will perhaps be a little different from all of the other messages.
What do you think?


bsprout said...

Your feelings on this issue come through well, no mincing of words. :-)

robertguyton said...

Well I'm glad my position is clear. I'd hate it for people to think that I support the stupidity that is National's asset sale plans!
Have you put paint to board yet, bsprout?
I expect something hard-hitting from you. Good interview in today's rag, btw.

Gecko said...

Perfect wording Rob xxx

robertguyton said...

Thank you, Gecko. I hope to give Mr Roy and eye-full, if he's on-route. He didn't pop his head out for the mining march and I don't expect he'll show for this one, but on the off chance, I'll be ready to encourage him to think a little deeper about what he's supporting.