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Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Towack

(and I guess, Shunda)


Shunda barunda said...

You should do one of that overweight Maori Green leader with the bone carving, big and fat.

Or perhaps mad Cath done as the classic butch lesbian, all scowling and mean.

Maybe Sue Bradford with her foetal alcohol syndrome enhanced all beady eyed and mannish.

Isn't this fun Robert.

By the way, nice rendition of that f@ckin greedy Jew.

robertguyton said...

To me, the nose is Pinocchio's, not Shylock's, but we each interpret caricatures according to our prejudices, don't we Shunda.
Have you any of Metiria, Catherine or Sue? I'll put them up, for the sake of balance.

Towack said...

a post with my name on it, I feel so honoured. The pic doesnt look like me at all though, I'm not Jewish, I'm a Kiwi, the nose should be flat and squashed.
Are you really against Jews that much, I thought you tweenies were sposed to love everybody (bar nat voters of course).
You could do one of Wussell Mormon flying over from Ozzie as he cries 'no more mining, no more drilling for oil'

robertguyton said...

See my response to Shunda, Towack. You do read other people's comments before making your own?
"Bar nat voters" can easily be miss-read as "nut-bar voters" so read carefully.

Shunda barunda said...

Don't bother.

I am done with this horrible form of communication.

It has been said that the underlying reason most people write blogs or post on them is due to narcissism or other unbalanced aspects of a particular personality.

For me, I accept this as part of my motivation, an imbalance.

Often ones parenting has a lot to do with it (as it does with me) as well as traumatic experiences with people, such as my wife and I experienced with organised religion. It crates a desire to engage in or resolve conflict, which of course, never gets resolved.

In short, people that write or frequent blogs are not quite right in the head.

I now realise that these blog conversations are almost always completely pointless, they create divisive attitudes and are feed stock for negative or depressive mindsets.

You can only throw so many stones before it only becomes about throwing stones.

It's not good for me being in the muck, and I think it is time I moved on to more positive uses of my time.

I have a new career opportunity that is effectively direct environmental action that is free from political bias and lazy, pseudo environmentalism that exists in the Green party (which I foolishly had hopes in).

Good luck Robert, I hope you focus more on all that good stuff I know you can do so well.


robertguyton said...

Dan. I'm very keen to know what the new project is you've set out on. It sounds exciting, from the little you've said. Despite being wrong in the head, I have a liking for this sort of bloggy debate and won't throw the towel in just yet.
If I can find your email, I'll ask you to tell all about your new direction. if you've still got mine tucked away somewhere, I'd love to hear about it.

Towack said...

Wow, thats a shame Dan.
You have fair points, the stone throwing is pointless and we all know it achieves absolutly nothing. For me the brief venture into this blog each day provides me with an opportunity to think.
Yep - some of it is muck, but whats the environment without a little dirt ah

I will miss your humour.

Good luck on the Coast - I miss that too. :)

Shunda barunda said...

The truth is, I don't handle it well.

I am sure others are better at dealing with this stuff, but I am not, I actually find it quite depressing.

I am the sort of person that likes to fix/improve things and I guess the blog thing is not really the place to do that.

Here's an example.
In person, I felt I got along with Robert really well, I am not sure if he sees it the same way, but I see no problem there at all.

But here? well there is an obvious clash.

Now here is the question, which interaction is the most important? is the blogosphere helping or hindering a sense of community and co-operation?

Are there things that are in fact best unsaid?

Is saying them anyway actually always a step backwards?

Look, perhaps I just have a weakness, perhaps it is just time for me to be honest about my own limitations, understand that, and avoid certain forms of negative interaction.

And Towack, I would love to hear about your perceptions of the West Coast and life there, I think a big problem with the Coast is not enough stories are told about it, it's intrinsic value is not promoted enough which leads to the place not being valued.

Towack said...

Personal interactions are always the best Shunda. However on here one must keep in mind that remarks whilst sometimes said in jest, are not really because when no one is looking it's easy to through in some dirt.
You are correct, it is negative and unproductive.

Politics is an unrewarding argument at the best of times - the fact most of us on this blog would all admit to a environmental bent in the end becomes irrelivant as we all look for political stones to throw.
Shame really because that is not how the world will change yet we spend so much energy in the pursuit anyway.

I would like to vist a blog that is challanging and positive too, but I havnt found one.

Perhaps you should crank up yours - now there is a challange.....

robertguyton said...

Dan. If I might 'clear a few things up'. You and I got on well when we met face to face and I expect we'll get on even better the next time we meet (at your place, I'm betting). You do have a strong and valid contribution to make but your self assessment is true, it seems to me, and you do 'feel' the issues to a degree that makes you uncomfortable in this snippy environment. Personally, I'm touched by very little of it and don't suffer anguish. Where you might think there is friction between us (Key's nose etc) for me there is none, just sparring for fun. Whether blogs have any 'effect' is hard to say, but for myself, I think, yes, some do. I've a readership that is largely mute and watchful and when I do meet someone who reads but doesn't comment, I'm almost always pleased by their comments. I believe that it's good to be open and fairly ungarded with one's views, though there'll be the occasional bite-back and mis-understanding, but that's the biz a blogger is in.
Perhaps you'd like to comment occasionally on issues that aren't too abrasive, or better still, write a guest-post for publication here! You'd be very welcome to do so. You choose the topic. Not Abortion :-) Not Christianity :-)
I hope you do become busier at the community-building, environment-restorastion/protection level. We all should. I'm beavering away down here with that sort of thing and have plans for the coming winter/spring to multiply that effect through getting out and doing, as well as broadcasting in a number of ways, the reasons and methods to achieve those aims. having taught in schools, I know how not to go about that :-)

Towack said...

Good answer RG

Anonymous said...

Shunda, Sorry to see you go, your balance will be sorely missed. But I can understand your feelings.

What happens here is not personal, it is politics, which can then be taken personally. Let me see if an example will explain.

Last year I started in a new work environment where there is an outspoken communist Green (I am not being rude - that is what he calls himself and enjoys being called Comrade and Lenin). Our other colleagues couldn't wait for the sparks to fly. They are all astounded that we get on so well together. That's because we have an understanding that goes beyond the daily grind. The point I am getting to is if we ever met out 'on show' as it were during a campaign, he would rabidly attack my beliefs, the hoary old unionist that he is.

Please consider this and other political blogs are like the old corner soapboxes. They are considered great entertainment, sport even, but they do have a serious purpose of spreading a political message. Thats why an alternative balancing view is so important.


Anonymous said...

Shunda, all the best for your new pursuits. I hope interactions with a me have not added to your position.
I actually really appreciated much of your assessment of blogging. When it comes to politics it often turns negative which can be unhealthy for some.
Personally I really dislike blogging. But I also really dislike unfair labelling. So I come to these blogs almost as a job. To ensure balance. But I guess I would rather I didn't have to.

Armchair Critic said...

I will miss you Shunda.
Your comments were usually reasonable and always expressed elegantly. You have certainly changed the way I see things and, consequently, how I behave. I'd like to think it's a change for the better, so I owe you a debt of gratitude.
Please stay away for as long as you want to and need to, but no longer. I await your return with anticipation.