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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sounds like 'tusk'. And 'rusk'.
Makes Key's eyes go all squinty. Maybe he had a bad experience with a rusk when he was a baby. Or with a tusk.
Seems unable to remember hearing of any 'lusk'.


Shunda barunda said...

I see Key handed Campbell his arse the other night, not that I really care any more, but it was interesting to see how he handled the situation.

robertguyton said...

Yes, he managed that interview very competently. Campbell wasn't prepared to work around Key's insistence and missed the obvious questions but hardly lost his 'arse'. When Key volunteers to front, interviewers should be alert to the likelihood that he'll be prepared to front-foot the issues. I'd (in retrospect) have pressed Key on why he hasn't spoken to Banks about the situation. Why haven't you spoken to your Cabinet Minister, Mr Key, over this important issue of trust and credibility? Why, Mr Key, why???