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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Darkhorse rides again

That doesn't work in the same way that 'is back in the saddle' sits wrong, but no matter which way you mangle the phrase, blogger and thinker, darkhorse, is writing again and slaying stupid ideas left, right and centre. If you've not been reading him in the past, now's the time to begin your 'darker' education. He's not a punch-puller, nor a slouch when it comes to political commentary and I guarantee you'll find his opinions both useful and provocative.
I'm adding him to my 'blogs I follow' list on my homepage, so you'll be able to find him at any time you need straightening out.


Armchair Critic said...

darkhorse is brilliant.
He or she fills a niche in the blogosphere that no one else has really got close to occupying. I have been hoping for more regular posts at howdaft since I discovered it about six months ago.

robertguyton said...

Well, word on the street :-) is that he's firing on all cylinders now. Expect the unexpected!
I see he's very busy over at The Standard, vexating the vexatable.