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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breast is best (up to a point)

Have you seen this controversial Time magazine cover?

Or Emmerson's hilarious version?

If you hadn't before, you have now.


Suz said...


robertguyton said...

The cartoonists have put their soft-lead pencils aside and taken out their sharpened quills.
And games.

Shunda barunda said...

This is clearly nonsense, everyone knows John Banks drinks blood.

robertguyton said...

And everyone knows Key's veins run with ice water.

Towack said...

Blood is too red for John Banks, he is so pious he prob drinks holy water.

On another note, that article from the top photo was a classic example of todays sad journalism, it would never had got printed, or on the web if the lady shown was large, unattractive or tattooed, or another race. Booo to the jounalist, or should I say booo to the pervert. (not you RG, I'm not booing you today, it's sunday))

robertguyton said...

Why is it, Towack, that we should dismiss the woman on the cover as less worthy than someone large, etc.
Is there something unlikable about her? Poor soul, just doing her job. Is it perverted to look upon her thus, padre?

Towack said...

I'm not saying she is less worthy, I'm saying that people read the article because she is attractive and her boob is out, sad but true.