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Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Kacktus

Blogger Cactus Kate's entry into politics as an ACT Party candidate has provoked some very interesting questions around those of us who have a blogging history.
It has been made clear by many of Cathy Ogers' (Cactus Kate) peers, that posts and comments she's made over the years will torpedo her credibility and will be used to ridicule her efforts to gain popular support. Many of her claims and statements have been odious in my view.
I'll be watching very closely to see how she fares. Her supporters are big-noting her as a gun-slinger who will clean up 'the socialists' in a hail of ideological bullets , fired from the lip but I think she'll be burned at the stake by the  popular media.
I expect that we'll soon see Kate neck-deep in the cactus.


Anonymous said...

You have the gall to call someone else's claims and statements "odious"?

Good grief, man!

You're a wag.

robertguyton said...

Thank you good sir!
Cactus Kate's comments about poor people and breeding and a whole raft of other issues, including her own social life, would be considered odious by most New Zealanders. We'll see, once she steps onto the public stage, how well her views are received.
I say 'badly'.

Hint Cliene said...

Another pall bearer at ACT's funeral

robertguyton said...

Heather Roy will be watching from the sidelines, having stepped nimbly aside just in time.

Shaking head said...

Interesting enough, you are happy to back Hone, who is so left in his views he falls off the scale, yet when Kate, who is so right she almost completes the circle blogs you are against her. Open your eyes man, their views are really pretty much the same, it's just that one is based in black politics and the other white.

robertguyton said...

Shaking head
I'm not against Cactus (each to their own, they say it's practise :-)
I'm just predicting that she'll be met by the same kind of opposition that Hone has already experienced. My eyes are open, as you encourage them to be, to all voices in the debate. Hers will be a brief flare, imo.

Cactus Kate said...

You could at least spell my surname correctly before you write rubbish about me.

Again I have not removed anything at all from my blog and stand by all of it. Naturally it won't all be taken into ACT policy will it :).

As for my own social life - people in glasshouses shouldn't throw rocks. Always the moral conservatives that have the most to hide.

robertguyton said...

Kate - sorry about misspelling your last name. As for not throwing stones from the comfort of my glasshouse -moral conservative!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Thanks for that.
I'm getting plenty of 'warning' that my own modest blogging will be my downfall, should I wish to rise any higher than my present position in local body politics, hence my interest in your particular case. In fact, I'm regularly told that it's already damaging me. Fun and games and good luck to you. Incidentally, I have no interest in what you do in your own time, nor do I think, should anyone else but I suspect they will :-)