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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eric Roy bullies Mr Guyton

Invercargill National Party MP, Eric Roy has begun his campaign with a spot of bullying, according to The Southland Times. The headline,
"MP accused of bullying tactics"
leads into this story that describes Mr Roy's attack on ... my son, Terry!

"Political sparks flew over national standards at a candidates' debate last night, with Invercargill MP Eric Roy accused of adopting bullying tactics.
During an election candidates' function organised by the Invercargill branch of the National Council of Women, education became the main flashpoint for debate.
Fernworth School teacher Terry Guyton asked candidates what they would do to "repair the damage caused by national standards".
Mr Guyton said the standards were forcing teachers to label five-year-olds as failures.
Mr Roy took exception to Mr Guyton's comment"

Not a good look, Mr Roy, bullying a popular and quite frankly, wonderful young man like Terry!
The article continues:

"If you are a teacher telling five-year-olds they are a failure you should not be teaching," he said. "You should not even be testing them." Mr Roy said the standards were designed to ensure the one in four pupils currently not reaching an acceptable standard would be more able to.
There were more than 2000 primary schools in New Zealand and of those only 92 were refusing to introduce them, he said.
Many previously sceptical schools were beginning to see their benefit.
He accepted some criticism about the way National had legislated the standards, but said if teachers had ideas about how to make them better they should come to him.
Labour candidate Lesley Soper took the platform after Mr Roy and promptly accused him of bullying.
"You have just seen an example of the bullying ... the Ministry of Education has used on teachers in this country."
Under Labour the standards would not be forced onto schools, she said.
Green candidate David Kennedy, also a teacher and vocal critic of the Government over national standards, said in principle they were a good idea, but not to be used as an assessment tool."

Telling Mr Guyton, teacher at Fernworth Primary School that he shouldn't be teaching is a foolish thing to do, given Terry's wide popularity amongst students, their parents and the staff of Fernworth, as well as teachers in the wider community, and I'm certain Mr Roy has damaged his 'good bloke' image by doing so. I hope that some of those who know Terry and the fabulous things he has done for the children at Fernworth, will make their thoughts known to Mr Roy, perhaps through the local newspaper that carried the story of bullying at the first of the candidate meetings. I know I'll be at the second :-)


Anonymous said...

There was an if in Eric's statement ie not your son shouldn't be teaching but he shouldn't be teaching IF he's telling five year-olds they're failing.

Do you think it's acceptable for teachers to tell five year-olds they're failing? I don't.

Eric saying that isn't bullying, it's stating an opinion. You might disagree with that opinion but there's nothing wrong with stating it in the context of the meeting and the comment from your son.

Paddy said...

I was there Robert, and the bullying comment is totally inaccurate. But the Times never lets the facts in the way of a good story.

robertguyton said...

With all due respect, Ele, you are splitting hairs. Imagine a farmer at a meeting being told, in response to a question, that 'if' he is destroying the environment, he shouldn't be farming. "If".
Do you think that farmer, who might have put his head above the parapet to ask a question, would think, "Oh, it's okay. He only said, "if"?
Eric created a storm at the meeting, by acting like Tolley in his handling of the national standards issue. With Paddy's comment in mind, I have to add, "according to the Times reporter".
Paddy, if I'd known you were going to be there, I'd have gone. Did you speak up in defence of your man? It's the first one I've missed for a long time. See you at the next candidates meeting (I'll be the one dressed as a coal miner ;-)

Paddy said...

I'm always only there in an observation role, Robert. Lesley makes such great comedy.

Anonymous said...

Paddy - The Southland Times is not saying Eric Roy WAS bullying Guyton, it says he was ACCUSED of bullying him. There is a difference. Lesley Soper said he had displayed the bullying tactics used by the Ministry of Education.

robertguyton said...

Ah, Anonymous! A close reader, excellent!
You've seen through my provocative headline. Still, Lesley (sp) Soper might be correct and Paddy, biased in favour of his friend Eric!
Paddy, there is much to laugh at during those meetings. I always found the UnitedFuture candidates to be hilarious, followed closely by those from Act. The Greens too, occasionally put up a comedian :-)

Anonymous said...

Robert @ 9:53 - does this mean your son is telling five year-olds they're failing?

robertguyton said...

He doesn't teach 5 year-olds, Ele.

Shunda barunda said...

I would love to hear of Terry's ideas regarding alternatives.

Out primary school is up and down like a bloody yo-yo, and quite frankly, things need to change, if not national standards, what??

Terry, come in Terry, I know your out there ;-)

Anonymous said...

What is Terry's "out there" and how do you know it?

robertguyton said...

Hey Shunda!
Terry's away visiting his brother in Dunners. He has the answers you seek and will doubtless have his say when he gets back. meanwhile, you will be interested in this guy's thorough and measured comments on national standards and education in general. I strongly recommend him to you.

paulinem said...

Actually Robert he tried that on me to with a blunt Stop it sort of shut up and sit down loud demand .... Why he was spouting the classic PR Bullshit that Mums and Dads will buy our assets ... I yelled out rubbish the Chinese will buy our assets ..which is true and we will be slaves to our overseas masters..... The audience were all in agreement Eric didnt like that .... I replied to his response loudly Yes sir certainly Eric ( very sarcastic ) ..roll on the campaign hes going to be fun :) Bullies like him I dont allow to control my democratic rights !!

robertguyton said...

Pauline! Treating your esteemed Member with disdain!
I can hardly believe what I'm hearing :-)