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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Frosssssssty morning!


Scott Eric Morgan said...

Hi Robert, my wife and I are newbie permaculture enthusiasts. We are looking to start a mini food forest on part of our property that was once a gravel parking lot. I've started trying to build soil by adding a multi layer mulch, however the journey from here is unknown and we are looking for inspiration, and your journey from the ground up is very interesting. We are currently on holiday in NZ from AUS. We will be in your area on Monday and wanted to ask if it would be possible to visit your food forest. Seeing one up close will help make more sense to the many videos and articles I have read on food forests.
Totally understand if this is not a possibility, however wanted to put it out there. I have enjoyed the videos featuring your food forest journey, and we hope to do something similar in our semi arid location in western Victoria.
Regards, Scott and Kate Morgan

robertguyton said...

Hi Scott, great to hear from you and about your plans. Our garden is currently closed for winter; it needs a rest and the chance to rewild after all the visitors that it sees over the warm months,but if you are in Riverton, call in to the environment centre there and chances are, we'll be there or nearby and we could talk about your plans.


Scott Eric Morgan said...

Hi Robert, thanks for the reply. We should be down that way on Tuesday now around lunchtime. We will call in and check out the environment centre. If you are around it would be great to talk food forests :-).