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Sunday, April 9, 2017


I've been bicep-swelling, six-pack creatingly busy for the past couple of weeks, digging over soil in preparation for a Special Something and while I've been delving into an area that in the past has served as a refuse site for a family that lived here long ago, I've been unearthing their junk. Most of it is broken and much of it glass and sharp, but some pieces are worth looking more closely at; this fragment of crockery, for example, if only for its curious image.

This stone was buried in the soil also, till I exposed it with my spading, and my grandson spotted it and gave it to me as a token of something or other. It's a pretty rock. 

I found also, a toy gun, "Cowboy" brand, buried deep in the ground. It's trigger and hammer still function, though the trigger guard is missing. Curiously, I found a trigger guard from a different brand of toy gun nearby, "SURESHOT" this time. I'll put up a photo tomorrow; it's too dark for a good shot now. 

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