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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Maureen's marvelous moui

Maureen makes art from found objects and gave this creation, made from a wood-plane and barbed wire, to her favourite small person (Atlas :-)


April said...

Hi Robert,

Love the blog!

My name is April and I'm a friend of Danielle Cameron, Al Harrison, Basil, Brit, and little Pi and have been staying at their farm in Purakauniu outside Dunedin for the last month. They have told me about the lovely food forest you and Robyn and Holly have down there and I am very interested to learn more. I'm visiting New Zealand for a year from the United States to learn about permaculture and sustainable living, and have a lot of interest in food forests. I would be interested in visiting you and even woofing for a week if that's something you're open to. I will be in your area the second week of April, please let me know if you'd like to chat. My email address is I look forward to hopefully hearing from you!

robertguyton said...

Hi, April, nice to hear from you. I've sent you an email.