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Sunday, March 5, 2017


A Green wizard would turn these stones into trees! Stones! Into trees!


Unknown said...

Hi Robert.
We harvested 11kgs of black boy peaches last weekend and juiced them, but I threw the pips into the compost because I have read fruit trees grown from pips, apart from taking a heck of a long time, dont grow true and may not produce fruit of their own. Seeing your bowl of pips, are you going to try and grow little trees with them?

Georgina Mac Rae said...

Hi again Robert.
So I scrolled down and read the magazine article on how you grow your own seedlings from pips, which answers my questions, thank you.I will give it a try. We are in our R&D stage, converting our suburban lawn (weed patch!) in Christchurch to a food patch and experimenting to get a bit of a head start befor we sell up and find a spot in the country.
Quite new to permaculture concepts, although I think the idea has been brewing all my life getting to this point. It has been an almost religeous experience, all these bits of information and I am reading every book and watching youtube videos and blogs and all the websites I can get my hands on every free moment I have! So excited!
We are travelling south in April for week to view some properties, 2 in Riverton. We would love love love to visit your farm. PLEASE!
Georgina and Gordon Mac Rae.

robertguyton said...

Hi Georgina - you are most welcome to visit us here - call in to the environment centre in Riverton's main street before you come up and they'll let us know and give you directions. Have you seen our short film? You might enjoy a preview of how we are before you get here :-)

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