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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The yellow plums are coming in

The Coe's Golden Drop tree is laden to branch-cracking and the plums are swelling every day, so we've given a couple of the most heavily-laden branches a good shake - and here's what came tumbling down! They will continue to ripen in the baskets till they are a rich yellow, soft and sweet and we'll bottle as many of them as we can. We shook apples too, from the Worster Pearmain, as the birds were beginning to peck holes in them.


Linda said...

Our Coes Golden Drop produced one plum this year :) We planted it about 2 years ago. Your post made me smile, I hope we too will have such a harvest one day !!

robertguyton said...

Patience, Linda, patience :-)
Our Stanley plum took forever to bear fruit until finally, this year, it excelled with a huge crop of really tasty plums which we and the birds shared. We've a Purple King tree that's groaning under the weight of its crop as well and I'll have to pick that over the next couple of days or they'll all end up lying on the ground, half-pecked.