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Monday, January 2, 2017

Teepee camping

We pitched our teepee in a clearing in the Pourakino forest. It looked glorious and was more than big enough for the twelve people who spent the three days there; in the canvas teepee and in satellite pup tents for those who preferred a smaller space. The fire that burned in the centre was a lovely treat, morning and night when the air outside was cold. We cooked on it, told stories around it and most importantly, boiled the billy on it - there was coffee and tea to be brewed at all times. We were lucky enough to have a musician with us who'd brought various instruments with him and the fireside was the perfect place for him to sit and perform as the rest of us lounged about the periphery, listening. We all walked a lot in the forest; at a relaxed pace, and swam in the fern-edged river. I looked for fungi along the paths, and photographed green scenes, river and forest. Here are some of those images.

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