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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hazel nut

The new hazels are producing plenty of nuts, thanks to the pollinators I was given; the secret of success, it seems! These are plump, fresh nuts that I'm looking forward to eating. One of them, anyway.


Mark Elley said...

Good morning Robert

Thank you for giving us your time yesterday. It was wonderful to come and have a look through your food forest. We learnt so much from you and particularly the diversity and layering in the garden. It's wonderful to see the climate and shelter you have created within the site. We're excited to see how we can apply these principles as we launch into our project. I suspect we may need to focus on areas within the larger orchard and get those established as a food forest and then progressively extend from there

I neglected to leave my contact details with you, so here it is If you could please email me with your contact, I'm sure I will have plenty of questions :) Thank you again for your openness and willingness to share your learnings with us Northerners :)

I look forward to staying in touch and sharing progress reports with you
Warm Regards

Mark and Marlane Elley
Algies Bay, Warkworth

robertguyton said...

Hi, Mark and Mariane, it was very good meeting the two of you yesterday and my pleasure to show you around the garden. I'm excited to hear about your plans and the potential your place up north holds for yourselves and your community. I'd certainly like to keep in touch with what you do there. I'll email soon.