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Monday, December 26, 2016

World's worst street-parade photographer

I'm hopeless at capturing images during parades. Every year I try to photograph floats in the Riverton Christmas parade and almost always end up with images like the second one shown here. I've not worked out why I seem always to miss the moment during parades, but there's no doubt that I do. I spend most of my time saying, "Damn! Missed it!" as I see magic moments pass me by. The first of these two images is quite good, but is a rarity and probably a fluke; maybe I pressed the button accidentally, or something. The Christmas Eve parade down our main street is a sight to behold and one that small children seem to enjoy. I'm ambivalent about it and the many, many vehicles that form the bulk of it, and would love to see an "on-foot-only" parade where the crowds don't have to keep back in case they are run down by combine harvesters or monster tractors, and don't have to breathe in diesel for the duration of the parade - but that's just me. Hundreds of people seem very happy with the parade as it is.

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