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Friday, December 2, 2016

Approaching 20 000

It seems a lot in a short time and I'll bet the Happen Films people are pleased with how well their short film; "An invitation for wildness" has spread across the interweb so quickly. Or is this normal for these times? I know a clip of Tim Shadbolt riding a scooter raced around the online world, amassing an extraordinary number of views in a very short time, so perhaps our approaching 20 000 in a week is nothing out of the ordinary. In any case, I'm pleased that so many people are taking a peek at how our garden looks and what we have to say about living in a forest garden.


Richard said...

Hey Robert,

I was interested to hear you have so many gooseberry varieties (40?) here in NZ. I've managed to scrape together around eight. Do you guys sell cuttings, or would you, or would you know someone who would? I'd like to get enough varieties together so that I could try and select for promising properties of the better ones.


robertguyton said...

If you contact me again in the autumn, Richard, I'll send you my selection.

Jordan Osmond said...

This has been the fastest growing film we've released! It's really exciting to see the views climbing and the incredible comments it's receiving.

robertguyton said...

Jordan, you've hit the sweet spot with your film - much of the comment has been about the quality of your work and you should be proud - everyone I've talked to says it was beautifully filmed, edited, great story and music, and so on. I'm not surprised it's doing so well.

Kim said...

Hello Robert, I watched this film a few times and shared. I think this is the best on-line example and explanation of a forest garden that I have seen. Congratulations to you and Robyn and to the film/editing crew. I googled afterwards to discover what latitude you are on and found this blog, then started reading, and only now remembered to comment, oops! lovely blog too, I look forward to following. Thank you for sharing your garden with the world! Very inspiring.

robertguyton said...

Thank you, Kim. What a beautiful blog you write; gorgeous photos of interesting topics - I'll be following your work and looking back over what you've already done - thanks!