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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

When the flowers of comfrey fall...

...they often land on the plant's leaves.


Philip Todd said...

Comfrey seems to be a great attraction for bumble bees. I have been planting patches around our property for some time just for that reason. Many years ago it was looked at as cattle fodder but they never took to it. Be better as cattle bedding.
I also cut quite a lot for under the spuds when I plant them. Pays to wilt it a couple of days or it sometimes grows from a leaf.

robertguyton said...

You're in the Comfrey Club, Philip! It's a wonderful plant. We're multiplying it as fast as we can go, so useful is it for our future plans.Our Riverton orchard park is bristling with comfrey and like yours, it's drawing the bumble bees. Hens love to eat it.