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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What's this?

Attached to a wall on the boulevard that runs along the shoreline between the township of Tauranga and the harbour was this curious object. There were no others like it anywhere else, and I wondered what it was that I'd found. Any ideas?

This is the flower of a canna lily of some wild sort. It was growing across the railway lines that ran nearby to the hotel I stayed in. I wish, now that I'm home, that I'd taken a tuber or rhizome of this plant to grow here. I expect it's a pest in some parts of the country, but I'd be careful not to let it spread :-)


Fisherwoman said...

Looks like a drill bit like those core drills that are used to create tunnels? Or is it an impression only?

robertguyton said...

Interesting...I'll ask Tim Shadbolt - he's familiar with that sort of thing.