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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Environment Southland urged to oppose oil and gas exploration in the south (from inside of the tent)

Yesterday's meeting at Environment Southland made the headlines in today's Southland Times.

I played a part in the discussion around the council's role regarding the Government's offer of a chunk of Southland to the oil men.
"When they had finished speaking, Environment Southland councillor Robert Guyton moved a motion for the council to oppose the Government's 2017 block offer proposal for two oil and gas permits in Southland.
He received voting support from councillors Maurice Rodway and Rowly Currie, but they were out-voted by councillors on the strategy and policy committee."
Thanks, Maurice and Rowly, you are on the right side of the ledger, in my view. 
The Southland Times used this image for their online version of the story. Fortunately, I had brushed :-)


Hollie Guyton said...

Good on you pa!

robertguyton said...

Thank'ee, Poll.

Philip Todd said...

I think oil exploration in the south will soon be a thing of the past for many reasons. Oil prices are plummeting and there are many untapped areas a lot closer to the big populations. Also alternative transport options are flooding onto the market and again will further lower demand. The one constant in oil exploration in the south since Hunt petroleum in the late 70,s is they have done little apart from taking up options on the areas. Even Solid Energy fell flat on its face and they had some easy and accessible raw material sources.

robertguyton said...

I'll take your learned advice on this matter, Philip and am pleased to hear it.