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Sunday, November 13, 2016


These very young apples are typical of the state of the crop in my orchard; fully pollinated and growing quickly. I'll have to thin them out but not just yet. I'll wait till they are larger in case there's some sort of adverse weather event that might thin the crop out for me. I've noticed there's a good deal of difference between varieties in the way their new apples look. These are especially graceful, especially when compared with the applets of Keswick Codlin, which are coarse and chunky at this moment. Mind you, they're an early maturing apple and might have looked more delicate earlier on, but I suspect they were less attractive than these right from the start.


Philip Todd said...

Have a crab apple that never sets fruit. Its 15 years old and close to a couple of other apple trees that always fruit but I have ideas of making crab apple jelly and need this tree to produce. Have planted several other crab apples planted but they are still just into their third season.

robertguyton said...

Give it one more year, Philip and tell it that's what's on offer :-)