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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A three part day

Today, a film crew has been in our garden capturing images moving and still for their project on making change. Their drone was in our airspace for part of the morning and that footage will be wonderful I'm betting. We were interviewed for an extended opportunity to tell the world what we think and now I'm a bit fatigued from having to gather my thoughts for that long. As well, I've been keeping an eye on my second "Essential gardener" post on The Standard and endeavouring to answer any questions that arose from that and that went very well, I thought. Lastly, I've been writing for this week's Get Growing on various topics, including my choice for, "Plant of the Week" - tree daisies. Here's one of the photos I took. It'll not be anywhere near a gorgeous as those Jason Hosking takes (Jason was behind one of the cameras today and is speaking tomorrow night in Invercargill about his award-winning nature photography) but it's pretty enough.

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