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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Yes, I am campaigning!

Rather than take the plastic fluteboard billboard route that every other prospect for council seems to have done, I chose to go poster and employ Phantom Billstickers to plaster my image all over town. They certainly didn't shy away from mass pasting! Here I am, standing beside my posters, nearby to the Tuatara Backpackers. I guess this form of advertising will appeal to a different set than the one that reads The Southland Times, but whether they will vote, or vote for me, having seen me all over their streets, is another matter. In any case, it's fun! Those trousers though, are not really fit for town, but I'd just finished a grafting workshop in Otatara and had wiped pruning paste on them several times :-)


Hollie Guyton said...

You look great!! In both!

robertguyton said...

Yay! Support from a Young Person.
I'm in.

fredinthegrass said...

Yes, Hollie.
He's a right handsome fellow with a lovely warm smile.