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Friday, September 23, 2016

Monowai Village Heritage Orchard Park

It now exists! After two days of digging and planting, around 40 apple trees sit comfortably at the edge of the wee village near Lake Monowai, in the gentle and ongoing care of the villagers and destined to become a marvelous picnicking spot for them and the many tourists who visit the village over summer. The trees were all sourced as scions from the farms and stations stretching from Clifden to Manapouri and they are special for that, their antiquity and the history they represent. It took 6 years of collecting, grafting, planting and management to get them to where they are now growing and we are pretty proud to have made it happen. There are 3 more collections to go out from the "holding orchard" at West Plains and the season is closing on us. Wish us luck!

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