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Monday, September 19, 2016


They're everywhere right now. Enjoy them while you can.


Pauline McIntosh said...

Hi Robert ..yes they are lovely and are everywhere gives a real spring feel.

A sincere best of luck with the election ..I have voted and gave you a vote .... I regret not standing myself BUT after last election when I got defeated after all my effort by forgettable candidates.....I realized I don't have the money or known name to get elected and yeah at 67 think I am getting a bit old to start in I said previously I am in favor of people in their 40s and 50s get into power as I see them then as our future leaders.

The one candidate that does worry me if he gets elected is Roy .. I see him as a bully and would have little patient for your views ...I also suspect he will push himself to get Alli's job of chairman of ES.... she would be a kitten to deal compared to Roy !! With luck Nathan will also get elected ,,he knows his stuff re environment issues etc ...ah well here's to the 8th when the results get announced :)

robertguyton said...

I concur with your views, Pauline and thank you very much for your vote of confidence, I value it.
Interesting times ahead, most likely :-)