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Friday, July 15, 2016



paulinem said...

Hi Robert as the local philosopher :) I am curious are you planning to stand again for ES... and have you heard of any retirements on council planned :)Also I see you have my woosh address to contact me not sure how to change that as yeah re woosh demise it is now

robertguyton said...

Hi, Pauline. Yes, I will stand again. Marion Miller isn't, so far as I know and there's at least one other not keen to do another round. Central government seems keen to disable local government altogether, but with any luck, they'll fail.

paulinem said...

Hmm I thought I would wait and see who stands this time around, before I commit myself to standing. Rather sick of standing for public office and instead been beaten by what I would call forgettable candidates or worse candidates with no shown previous interest in the local govt but the social and economic advantages they are able to gain by been on council whom have polled high as they have a well known name!.
I am still interested in the environment and its affects such as climate change which is becoming more and more noticeable as been a reality these days. I will wait until the last week before closing then if interest is low in standing for ES .. I might give it another go again ..but as I am 67 this year,my time and energy to give on council will be limited

Actually I see that public office leadership is something we should be encouraging the late 30s/40s/early 50s generation, especially those with the environment degree or qualifications. The degree at SIT now been going for some years now and has been turning out several graduates of environment management, so maybe one or two etc of them might stand up for council leadership