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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Winter cheer

3 more demijohns filled today. I've included crab apples and Brownlees Russets this time around, along with the most varied mix of apples I've ever assembled for the purpose of cider making.

Can't wait (but will have to)


Pete said...

Another intriguing image. I juiced the apples to make the cider; looking at your image I suspect you are dicing to get pieces through the neck of the bottle, maybe adding some water, and waiting until the valve stops bubbling?

By then I guess the lumps have converted to sludge and settle leaving the fermented liquid (now cider) to be siphoned off.

Is it that simple?

Neat idea that enables windfalls to be processed progressively if it is.

robertguyton said...

That's exactly how it works, Pete. The apple pieces stay intact until I pour off the cider once the bubbling's stopped. I could make them into a dessert at that point, probably, but don't, feeding them to the soil instead. I can use the demijohns over and over until there are no mor stored apples and I don't have to get them to the press. It's pretty simple and successful with it - great cider, usually, with the occasional cider vinegar resulting. Once these three are bottled, I'll do another three, and so on till I lose interest or have no bottles left.

Philip Todd said...

Feed the left over apple to a pig then sit back and look forward to some nice Christmas ham.

robertguyton said...

And watch their drunken antics as they experience the residual alcohol in the pulp.
I've sat my three demis in crockery bowls of warm water and the're fizzing!