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Monday, May 9, 2016

It's really difficult to photograph a gull in flight

I suppose I should have bought fish and chips. That'd bring them in.
 In my garden, the most familiar fantail I've ever known has taken up residence (he might well have been hatched here in fact) and practically sits on my shoulder whenever I'm amongst the trees. He's especially small, so I'm guessing he's young.
I'm saying he, but I don't know.
However, like electrons, fantails are impossible to pin down with a camera, so I'm not even going to try.
Should I have titled this shot, "Gull's-head Revisited"?


fredinthegrass said...

Rg, try the duck hunting theory.
Bum, Belly, beak, bang.
Could work as well for a camera as for a shotgun.
Just don't follow through too fast if the gull is flying slow!

robertguyton said...

Always the romantic, Fred!
I'll try it though. Sounds promising.More "click" than bang though...

Philip Todd said...

Just watch your step as you run along the beach trying to keep up.
One good thing today is that you can take 20 photos and have a look at them before discarding 19. Not so long ago we had to take them to the shop and have them developed at considerable cost before any decision could be made

robertguyton said...

"Discarding" (dis-carding, throw out that redundant Jack!) is a quaint old word, isn't it? Very hand-held and tactile. I wonder what root of "delete" is?