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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rocks in their heads

“New Zealanders are told they have a “rock-star economy” and are doing well. But they also experience low wages, almost 6 per cent unemployment, job insecurity, housing unaffordability, crippling student and national debt, homelessness, a metastasising underclass, grotesque inequality, desolate communities and so on. But we are doing well, apparently.”


Philip Todd said...

Am amazed but people seem to be happy in the insular life of today. Its all about the me sadly and you can borrow so easily to make yourself feel OK for a short time.
Whats going on with Fonterra and their suppliers having credit shoved down their throats to keep the company propped up is disgraceful and every day families are losing jobs and farmers are going to lose their farms. But we plod on with the blinkers on only seeing our own shadows

robertguyton said...

Cheer up, Philip - we've shoved Key's flag where the sun don't shine. Next, his political career (Todd's's there already).