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Tuesday, February 9, 2016



Philip Todd said...

Smear plenty of crab apple jelly over your salmon before hot smoking it. Mouth watering.

robertguyton said...

Have you tried sloe jelly, Philip?
Just finished a jar. Very nice indeed.
Having cooked worsterberries on my porridge this morning.

Philip Todd said...

No sloe jelly is a new one on me. Lots of those older traditional recipes have been lost as we turn to the supermarket easy methods of putting stuff on the table.
Our mum used to use rose petals for one type of jam but I cant remember what is was. I think it was red currant and was a distinctive pink colour.
She used to turn out baking like a mini Earnest Adams including pies made from whatever fruit was around and we were all a lean fit young lot.
Nowadays I only have to walk past a bakery and I put on a couple of kilos.