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Friday, January 22, 2016

Authoritarians in America (and here) love and follow the Tough Guy

"... my poll asked a set of four simple survey questions that political scientists have employed since 1992 to measure inclination toward authoritarianism. These questions pertain to child-rearing: whether it is more important for the voter to have a child who is respectful or independent; obedient or self-reliant; well-behaved or considerate; and well-mannered or curious. Respondents who pick the first option in each of these questions are strongly authoritarian.

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Philip Todd said...

Parenting is the biggest challenge most of us will ever face. Not sure there is one right way for doing any part of it and every child will be different.
The answer as to how well you have done will come well into the future.
I have the sticker on the fridge' Being a parent gets easier once your children get to 40"
To be honest I have found it to be fairly easy over the years thanks mainly to having a good mother for my children.
They buy me fathers day cards with the "Worlds grumpiest Old Man" on them which makes me feel I have done OK.
When they bring my grand children into the world I struggle to keep up with the grumpy bit but still try hard