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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The flag debate

I found this:

Barry said...

"Ah, Shipley. Isnt she the one who wanted to lower the drinking age because the young ones can handle it? (massive fail that was). She cut welfare payments, and cut health budget. In fact she was simply a lap dog for those in the National government who wanted to cut anything that costed.
And she also failed to get School Cert - and indication of her mental ability.

So she likes the fern does she? Which one I wonder? And just like many of her past decisions I guess this will be just as big a fail. Like so many others she doesnt explain why its so important to jettison our history.



But fair :-)


Philip Todd said...

Jenny had all the attributes of a good rugby coach in the mould of Grizz Wylie. Apart from that and he inside appointments to various boards she never really made much of a ripple in NZ politics. There were a few who got so wrapped up in the ideological trickle down theory and could never think past that. Ruth Richardson was another. Bolger was a little more flexible but surrounded himself with right wing theorists who again cared little for the people. Surprising how we seem to think these sorts of governments are OK when they do little apart from divert wealth upwards but fail to think something needs to sustain the underpinning economy. Saw someone talking about the salary being paid to the boss of Fonterra and saying we need to pay such salaries otherwise they will go overseas. I would think we should supply the one way ticket

Armchair Critic said...

Hahahaha. Jenny Shipley? Couldn't run a piss up in a brewery. Couldn't do something even easier than that, i.e. run a building company in post-earthquake Christchurch. Mainzeal. Just astounding. By comparison she makes our current PM look way more competent than he actually is.

robertguyton said...

I missed her brilliance when she was Top Dog, being politically unconscious at the time (as was she, by all reports :-)

Armchair Critic said...

As I see it we all missed her brilliance, whether we were politically unconscious or not.