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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Congratulations, Hollie!


Philip Todd said...

Proud day to be a parent. I left school at 15 so was very proud to see our daughter stay the distance and graduate a few years back. The value of education is only fully understood by those that don't have one.

robertguyton said...

Every graduate shows more stick-ability than I was able to muster in my early years, Philip.
The ceremony was marvelous in some ways, trying in others. The gowns were fabulous, the titles too. During the street 'walk of honour', I met other proud Southland parents, trying to keep up with their energetic children. Hollie's back in Dunners for another step next year, so there'll be another parade, a different coloured trim on the gown, a second giddy-perching in the Gods of the Dunedin Town Hall :-)