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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sheep cream

I tried and tried to churn sheep cream into butter but it just wouldn't turn.


Hollie Guyton said...

Looks good!!

robertguyton said...

Still cream though!
I'll try again today.
Windy last night. Baskets and bags blown across the veranda and beyond!

fredinthegrass said...

From the hazy recollections of a past life farming I remember sheep milk to be a lot
thinner than cows milk. Does that mean it has less cream and hence a considerably lower chance
of turning it to cream. They - that is the respective ovines and bovines - do eat from the same plate.
Do keep us posted, Rg.

robertguyton said...

I couldn't do it, Fred, no matter how I churned!
I've a new pail of sheep cream to try tonight, but I think I'll make icecream from it instead. Hot day today, cooler now and the fire-bath beckons (If I'd been given asses' milk, I could have combined the two...