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Friday, November 13, 2015

Outdoor eating

Three kiwis, a Limey and a girl from Nippon, two toasty-pie makers and a wood-fire, in the forest-garden.
Very nice, thank you.


Cally said...

And thank you for the inspiration. My 12yo grandson loves to light an outside fire when he visits, but I'd forgotten the old jiffy iron (aka toasty pie maker)in the back of the cupboard - he's going to love it. :)

robertguyton said...

You are welcome, Cally. I enjoyed looking through your blog. One thing I like about having a small cooking fire fed with twigs and branches from nearby, is that afterwards, the ash and charcoal is left for the soil to absorb. I also like the taste of wood-fire-cooked toasty-pies! "Jiffy-iron" is good, I'll start using that :-)