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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Return from the earthquake zone

I've just returned from Christchurch, where Robyn and I spoke to 4 groups about forest gardening; 120 U3A members, 90 or so organic growers from the greater Canterbury area, 25 students from the Biological Husbandry Unit at Lincoln University and 60 children from a school near Rolleston. As well, the two of us packed up an enormous tunnelhouse and delivered it to the freight yards to be trucked home to Riverton - no mean feat, I can tell you! I'll write about my wanderings in the Red Zone shortly.


Philip Todd said...

Pretty sad to see how bureaucratic bungling has affected the rebuild. I really feel for the elderly who are still waiting with their lives on hold while EQC and the insurance companies quibble and many repairs are being done in a pretty shoddy manner. I keep saying it and I think it will come true that we live in the age of apathy and meetings. We love meetings and when one thinks something up we quickly form another committee to have meetings to consider the idea. Our focus on actually doing things has given way to a state of inertia and procrastination.
Often think back to the flood in the early 1980,s when the old wooden bridge at the back of Dipton was damaged. Within weeks a new bridge was underway and within months it was built. Compare that to the Kawarua bridge where they have spent five years holding meetings before anything happened and now we finally get to the stage of a tender going out everyone thinks its in the wrong place.

robertguyton said...

If you can hold people in anticipation of some prize or other (tax cuts, new bridge, pandas) they'll turn off their critical faculty for as long as you need them to. Bill English and the devious Mr Key do it as a matter of course - on the cusp of something "special", always, brighter future, rock star.