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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A morning at the Southland Regional council

Flying accusations!


bsprout said...

Wow, it certainly pays to ask questions, our Oil Free presentation really stirred things up. Two good articles in the Southland Times and a supporting editorial. I wonder what assurances the Council has about the preparedness of Maritime NZ to deal with any potential spill. If they can't whose responsibility is it to deal with the resulting mess on our coastlines? What infrastructure and equipment does ES have?

robertguyton said...

Yes, asking questions is the way to open the door to further...questions :-)
The Council's ability to cope with a major spill is minimal at best. That said, the staff who would be involved would do their utmost, it's just that it would be a hopeless task, were the spill to be of the Gulf of Mexico sort. Cork on the ocean, pimple on an elephant's bum. Why couldn't the Council express it's reservations about oil exploration off-shore of Southland? Fear of upsetting Central Government, I believe.