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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summing up the flag "debate"

"the thing is that Key is manipulating democracy to brand NZ Inc, and people are resisting that"

Someone said this, somewhere and they are correct.


Philip Todd said...

He needs the flag otherwise his legacy as PM will look pretty empty.
The right wing don't count loyalty as a big thing, it ends the minute you stop being useful to them and they move on fast to grooming the next dutiful person. Only got to look at the way they treated Brash. He is still a lost soul looking for a soapbox to climb onto

robertguyton said...

In the case of Key, Philip, his fans will never lose their love - they've had to blind themselves to too much evidence of his insalubrious (as my dad would say) side, that they'll never be able to say, yes, he was rotten and I was foolish to have fallen for him". With Brash, there was no such emotional investment.