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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Country Calendar

We're on tonight at 7. 

The drone's-eye-view of our garden looks great in the trailer and Robyn and I look pretty much the way we look. I'm looking forward to watching Country Calendar for the I-don't-know-how-many-th time, having begun when I was a wee boy in Nelson. This episode though, should hold my attention better than any other.


Armchair Critic said...

Watching now, and feeling a bit in awe and a bit inspired. This is the best episode of Country Calendar ever.

Ted Howard said...

Sweet as!
Soooo many good memories of the time with you on the Permaculture Design Certificate course in 2008 and time at your property.

Fantastic to see you both continuing this, building such a fantastic haven there!

from Nelson.
Ted Howard

amber said...

Loved the show tonight! When my grandmother's ancestors first arrived in New Zealand, they settled in Riverton too. It's always been an area I have wanted to explore. One day!

In the mean time, do you sell heritage trees? I'm very keen to get my hands on a couple.

Many thanks

Allan said...

Hi Robert,
I am basically 180 degrees diametrically opposed to a lot of your beliefs however having just watched the Country Calendar program I would like to congratulate you on what you have achieved and what you are doing. Believe it or not us people who tend to be right of center ibn our Political beliefs still believe in conservation. I live on a life style block and practice a lot of what you do in your way of life however not to the religious fervor that people of your ilk do. Never fear at least I will agree to disagree and only say that you are doing a wonderful thing with your Riverton property, I loved the Country Calendar program and keep up your wonderful work. Best wishes. Allan Parsons

robertguyton said...

Hey, AC, hope you are well. As you saw, several weeks ago, we were doing just fine :-)
Most exciting for me, this spring's iteration of the forest-garden is waaaaay more exciting than ever before, with all of the new plants I've found over the winter and my travels around the country. Plus, it's much wilder :-)

robertguyton said...

Hey, Ted, great to hear from you. I'm going to assume that you are continuing to work towards a better world, or at least one that's not entirely destroyed by human-kinds foolishness :-)
Good luck with it all!

robertguyton said...

Hi Amber. Yes, we do seel heritage fruit trees, apples in particular, though our annual sale has just finished. You might like to look on our environment centre website -

robertguyton said...

Hi Allan - if you're at 180 degrees, you're watching my back and I thank you for that :-)
Thanks for your kind comments. Perhaps one day us greens and you blues will get our games sorted and fix up the mess that the lack of unity has created :-)
The Country Calendar folk; cameraman, drone pilot, soundman and director were excellent people, warm and funny but consumately professional, even when I provoked them.