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Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Armchair Critic said...

More like vandalism, and cruelty.

robertguyton said...

Yes, AC, it's what we do. I often think, "How many of us are actively working to restore/heal/make better our physical environment - you know, the one we occupy. It's not the cruel vandals that do the most harm, it's the "ordinary person" who takes their sustenance from the planet without re-investing - It was famously said/drawn - "We have seen the enemy and he is us". The flip-side of that is, when the time comes, "we" can turn the tide of carelessness and restore what we have carelessly destroyed. At least, that's my hope.

fredinthegrass said...

As a farmer - albeit retired - I am totally appalled, Rg.
Sure I have been "guilty" of getting caught and having pasture? look akin
to that picture, but that was decades ago. With the information so
readily available to us these days getting into a situation that requires
shutting animals into a mud bath is - or should be - a thing of the distant past.
Having travelled from Waikato to Central Otago in recent weeks I can happily say
I did not see this replicated anywhere.
By the way RG, when was the photo taken, and where.

robertguyton said...

I think, 3 years ago Fred, near Tapanui. Perhaps those farmers have changed in the meantime. It's getting harder to get away with that sort of anti-biotic behaviour these days, thanks to pressure from 'greenies' in the councils and the general public at large. Doubtless too, there are farmers forcing change from within the industry as well but I've always wondered what took them so long.