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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hunting pears

I was out and about early this morning in search of old pear trees from which I could collect scions for grafting. I visited the Black and Hopcroft orchards and found some beauties. One or two trees though, were beyond saving.


Bioneer said...

Have you been to Janice (Graeme's sister) and John Reece's block on the same road as the Green Acres golf club?

I was there today and saw a pear fall from one of 3 big pears (one of them had a trunk with a bigger diameter than a car tyre). Big apple trees there too

robertguyton said...

I haven't, Bio, but will take a look. We were at the West Plains orchard yesterday afternoon and would have driven past your orchard on the way home!
No matter, there's plenty of time :-)