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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Between the Tides

The bi-valve of John Wishart

Wayne's harp

A quorum of artists and droves of sightseers turned out for today's art-on-the-sand exhibition on the bed of the Jacob's River estuary at Riverton. Gulls wheeled, guitarists riffed and a small black dog peed on the figure of John Key, already shamed, head buried in the sand waiting for the incoming tide. There was scattered clapping, quite enthusiastic. Doetie sang as the bangers snarled on the bbq. A driftwood umbrella was erected but provided no protection from the sun. My tide-aha amused several people, they claimed, though other pieces drew the crowds. The event went well and people from all over got the chance to chat and look at others chatting. Those dictators on the council have decreed that the works have to be gone before the tide returns to full, so I'll go down before that deadline and take some photos, if there are any pieces other than mine still lingering, pushing the boundaries. I'll add an image or two then.

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